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Key benefits to resin bound surfaces…

They look stunning.

With a huge choice of gravels and stone to choose from to make up the surface you can get the driveway you want. 
No planning permission required – Because resin bound gravel surfaces comply with SUDS (Sustainable Drainage) regulations, you do not need planning permission to install a resin drive, path or patio, or all three!

Frost and puddle resistant – Because of the composition of the resin bonding, water drains through the surfaces, puddles don’t form.
Low maintenance – Resin bound surfaces only require an occasional wash down with a hose or pressure washer. Resin surfaces are also resistant to staining and discolouring from car oil and other harmful chemicals.

Quick Installation- Most of our installations can be completed within 48 hours (weather permitting).
No discolouring or fading – Unlike tarmac which turns grey over time, resin bound uses an organic tree resin which retains its natural colour for years. The resin also maintains the colour of the gravel or stone so your drive or patio will always look brand new!

No cracking and crumbling – Surfaces like concrete and tarmac become brittle over time and begin to crack and break up. Resin bound surfaces, due the organic composition of the gravel and resin stay strong for years and years.

Resin Bound Driveways

Resin Bound surfacing is a very adaptable product and can resurface most driveways, paths & patio areas.

 It is an ideal product, it is quick and efficient, no more digging up the old driveway!

Before - Paved driveway

After - Resurfaced with Resin Bound driveway

 Before - Old Tarmac Driveway

After - Resurfaced driveway and path with Resin Bound

Supplied and erected new fencing


Block Paving



A and M Maintenance are driveway specialists and offer a wide variety of solutions for your new driveway.

New Harvest Gold Resin Bound Driveway with new walls

From long lasting resin bound driveways to block paving. We have the capability to dig out and completely remove your old drive, re-level the surface and complete your choice of drive using only the best materials, installing a driveway that will last!
We will provide you with the ultimate driveway solution, whilst adding attraction to your property and also adding value. We have a diverse range of styles and colours to suit your property and can also build a driveway tailored to you. You can also customise your driveway with patterns, kerbs and steps.

We can provide:
Indian and Natural Stone
Block Paving
Decorative Flagging
Resin Bound
Imprinted Concrete
Our team of dedicated specialists guarantee will give you the new driveway of your dreams.

Resin Bound Driveway, extended to Pathway with block pave edgings to contrast and gravel.

Note: the drain cover fits in with the resin path.


Resin Bound

We at AM Maintenance UK, lay New Resin Bound driveways.

Resin Bound.

Our method of application for Resin Bound is Trowel on (mixed via Forced Action Professional Mixer.


Sterling Silver Resin Bound Driveway



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Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac Driveways are practical and functional, hard wearing and extremely durable.  They are weatherproof and can be edged using a variety of  materials.

Digging out the old paving slabs and removed plants and shrubs

Levelled the driveway before tarmacing, laid drainage.

Widened driveway for easy access, and laid gravel on left hand side in place of foliage for homeowners ease of maintenance.

Finished driveway.

Edging to finish is block paved.